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February, 2012



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Mechanic Miner is a 2D construction/survival game with mechanical steam-powered machines and physics. Gather resources, kill monsters, acquire new technologies and use your imagination to build crazy mechanical devices to conquer any challenges in your way.

In Mechanic Miner you can construct any kind of machine of your own design - and any kind of machine can be simulated by the game's physics engine - and of course, designs can be shared with your friends through Steam Workshop. Build a catapult, a submarine, a battle tank or an air balloon - Mechanic Miner has over 50 different parts and building blocks for you to play around with, and we’re constantly adding more. Get creative, get better, build more advanced stuff and become a mechanical mastermind you always wanted to be.

With 3 different game-modes: Creative, Survival and Story mode the players can chose their playstyle. In Creative mode, the players can let their inner mechanic shine with easy and unlimited access to every building-part in the game. In Survival mode, the players must choose their own path: Explore, gather resources and build mechanical contraptions to reach even further into the mines, kill bosses or simply just to survive the night. In Story mode the player progress through different acts by completing quests, and wether that involves killing a boss, surviving huge waves of enemies, destroying a impassable boulder or removing poisonous fumes from a mine, the player must design and build their very own steam-powered contraptions to conquer these challenges.

Mechanic Miner is both recognizable and unique at the same time as it shares a lot of similarity with other games like Minecraft, Factorio and Terraria, but also offers a particularly remarkable visual style, with a unique gameplay focused on building and constructing in an RPG-like setting with physics. We believe that this combination makes Mechanic Miner a one-of-a-kind experience.


  • 3 different game modes: Story, Create and Survival.
  • Explore randomly generated open worlds with both sandbox and story driven mode/play.
  • Construct your own unique mechanical steam-powered machines and devices with only your imagination as the limit.
  • Create blueprints of your mechanical constructions, use them later or share them with friends and prove who’s the mechanical mastermind.
  • Acquire new technologies with the experience / level-based progression system.


Official Trailer for Mechanic Miner YouTube

Patch 0.1.3. mini-trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (12MB)


Interview with stillplay
An interview with the team in relation to GameScopeDK 2018 and the inspiration behind Mechanic Miner gamescope.dk.

About stillplay

stillplay consist of 5 guys sitting in a small, warm and sweaty office devoting most of our time trying to create the best game possible – Mechanic Miner. What our office lacks in hope, our game has tenfold in potential – at least according to us ;)

More information
More information on stillplay, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Mechanic Miner Credits

Finn Nielsen
Game Director and Programmer

Daniel Carlsson
Game Programmer

Jacob Reimer
Game Programmer intern

Alex Taylor
Network Engineer

Kristoffer Rasmussen
Community Manager

Tore Poulsen
Art Director

Josef Aarskov
Sound and Music

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