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by darth_alles
10 Feb 2018, 14:16
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Music volume back to 1.0 after CTD
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Music volume back to 1.0 after CTD

What : When I restart the game after a crash to desktop (CTD), the music volume is back to 1.0 although I changed it to 0.1 before the CTD. When : Had some random CTDs while exploring the caves. Bug appeared each time. Reproducible : Yes, happens after each CTD. I cannot reproduce the CTDs, though....
by darth_alles
10 Feb 2018, 14:12
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Randomly unable to build
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Randomly unable to build

What: I'm trying to build or try to place an item, but the items or resources just disappear when I'm take them out of the inventory. The cursor is just an arrow then, instead of the item but the inventory slot is empty too. When I click again on the inventory slot, the item or resource reappears i...