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by Magesit
19 Jul 2019, 10:06
Forum: Developer logs
Topic: Log #5: Lighting in the game, present and next (23/3/2018)
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Log #5 Lighting in the game present and next 23/3/2018

Looking at the .LUA files, it looks like the game calculates some kind of economy stat at 90 kph, 120 kph, 70 kph, 50 kph, and 30 kph ... but like NormanVauxhall said, details are coming in the next update.
by Magesit
11 Jul 2019, 11:06
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Sensors! Logic!
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Sensors Logic

Are those sensors not received over the air 433Mhz ? If yes, you could use an RFXtrx433e to receive them
it looks easy to implement, i would suggest starting with the weatherunderground class