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The not so real patch notes for v.0.3.0

Post by MM_Needo » 05 Dec 2018, 17:08

We’re very close to releasing v.0.3.0 (lootification patch) of Mechanic Miner. In fact we’re so close that we already wrote the patch notes which is almost 6 pages long. While just getting the last things ready, we decided to have a bit of fun by running the patch notes through a Markov Chain text generator. Here’s what it came up with.
NotSoRealPatchNotes.png (54.02 KiB) Viewed 7456 times

Disclaimer: This is not the real patch notes!
  • The armor of the Interceptor will reduce the hotkey “i”.
  • The Frogs are the Deep Cave.
  • Renamed “Engine” to “Couplings”
  • The Frogs are part or by killing effect to the Interceptor.
  • Added Scorpions to mount it.
  • Renamed
  • Increased.
  • New augmentations to that short duration.
  • New part: Superheated lever wheel 4 to “Drug Dispenser”
  • Air Tether now try to be built.
  • Sofa now requires Iron and Bakelite to enemy.
  • Shotgun will allow the option that specificantly longer cooldown.
  • Removed Sand Cannon.
  • Reduced the max duration to terrains.
  • The player can be built
  • Added a visual colorize will makes Railguns projectiles in an arm
  • New augmentation to teleport from minerals in the Oasis.
  • The hotkey bar will change the chat/consisting of the Ballista, Railgun and “3”.
  • New augmentations requires Iron as ammunitions to 27 slots, but is separated.
  • New Cave Squid will cause the projectile to open the chat/consisting on the Storage Safe.
  • Flax to be built, and Flax to be built.
  • Removed part: Superheated boiler or pistons.
  • New enemies now requires Iron and Cannon
  • Shotgun will make the Wheels
  • New augmentation: Shotgun will in creative mode.
  • Significantly more values
  • Renamed “Copper, Zinc, Rubber and Kaolinite”, “Rubber”, “/help in ponds
  • Toilet now has 18 extra slots, by killing speed buff, but can be mount of the graphics to the Oasis.
  • Renamed “3”. Additionally have 1 level.
  • Reduced levels. Each level.
  • New augmentation: Galvanize can be built. Additionally hides in the Oasis.
  • New Cave Squid attack: Invulnerable input.
  • New augmentation: Stick to the weapons
  • The Frogs are now able to get a list of possible to open your “backpack”
  • New augmentation: Telescopic Arm doubles the length of the weapons attack.
  • Flux antenna now try to defend it.
  • Fixed the cloud, moving enemies that are hit by that specific Deep Cave Squid attack to teleport up and down from an invulnerability.
  • New Cave Squid will make the Drug Dispersal
  • These resources.
  • New augmentation of Evil Plate
  • Reduced the Railgun projectiles to attack to teleport up and down further down the “New game” menu.
  • New Module: Ricochet Module: Poison deals damage blocks and each level. Each level!
  • Adding a game.
  • New Evil Plate will now need to Plate, Bricks, Plate, Coupling
  • Changed to the game. You can type /help in the Steam as increased.
  • New enemy: Anglerfish can be applied to Iron and fly to the Ballista
  • New part: Super
  • Fixed a bug where it was increased.
  • ew resources are the Railgun
  • The Frogs are not propeller projectiles
  • Bomb now always cost of the Steam Workshop blueprint.
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Re: The not so real patch notes for v.0.3.0

Post by Thinzy » 12 Dec 2018, 00:15

I love it :D

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