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Twitch viewer name integration

Post by MM_Needo » 22 May 2019, 18:50

The Twitch name integration will allow random viewers name to appear on any in-game enemy.
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To make it work, you’ll have to manually enable the option in the games config file. This is how you do:

1) Update the game and launch it (this will update the config file). Now quit the game.
2) Search for %appdata% (hit the windows key and type %appdata% then press enter).
3) Find and open the “mechanicminer” folder.
4) Find the file called “config.csv” and open it (open it with notepad or similar program)
5) In the bottom of the file you’ll find a line saying “,twitchChannelName,”. Here you should add your channel name. Example: If your channel name is randymash it should say “,twitchChannelName,randymash” (Notice that there’s no spaces between the string and channel name, and also no capital characters in the channel name). If you’re in doubt, use the channel name presented in your channel’s URL.
6) Save the config file (ctrl+s) and close it.
7) Launch the game like normal and enjoy random viewers name on any (almost any) mob that you encounter.
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