Patch notes for Mechanic Miner updates and Roadmap for our future releases
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Patch Notes v.0.1.1 (23/01/2018)

Post by MM_Needo » 23 Jan 2018, 14:35

v.0.1.1 is finally here! This is our first semi-major patch release since the closed alpha began. The patch features the new creative game mode, new parts and QoL-improvements. We would like to send our thanks to all our alpha testers who helped with a lot of bug reports and also a special thanks to Myrathi for the valuable feedback.
  • Added the ability to lock objects in the air (grapple lock) while lifting them up with the multitool and pressing middle-mouse button. You can lock one object at the time and use your multitool on other items while doing so. Moving to far away will cause the locked item to release.
  • Added the ability to fuse parts by dragging the parts next to each other while holding shift. When the part is able to fuse, you’ll see a small “fusing” animation beneath the cursor.
  • Added the ability to dislodge (de-fuse) plumbing/parts (not building blocks) by holding shift and right-clicking on the plumbing/part.
  • Added the ability to connect pipes, cables and belts across joints. To connect pipes/cables/belts across joints, connect one line of pipe/cable/belts from one side to the bearing, and then another line of pipe/cable/belts from another side to the bearing.
  • Added “Creative mode”. Mechanic Miner now has two game modes: Creative and Story mode. Creative mode features following: Immortality, flying mode (press space twice in a row), endless resources (nothing cost resources), no resource consumption (In boilers, railguns, ballistas, etc.), flat and normal landscape.
  • Added a small “connection” animation beneath the cursor when you’re able to connect couplings. This animation should help players identify if they are connecting or fusing items.
  • Added music to the game. Added 3 new themes to respectively the overworld/creative, dungeons/mines/caves and Boss fights.
  • Updated the options menu. You can now control SFX volume, Music volume, Difficulty, Display mode and resolution in the options menu.
  • Added a save/load feature to the game. You can now save and load multiply games. You can also rename saved games.
  • Added Steam Workshop: You can now share your blueprints on the Steam Workshop directly through the game.
  • Changed the way blueprints are created. Creating a blueprint using the hotkey “b” will create an entire new blueprint no matter what. If you want to overwrite an existing blueprint go into the blueprint menu, choose the blueprint you want to overwrite and choose “edit” and then click the object that is going to overwrite it.
  • Changed the interaction between the cursor and the “crafting menu”. The crafting menu will now only close when the player click outside of the crafting menus border.
  • New part: Added not-gate to the game. The not-gate has 4 inputs/output connections respectively showed as a blue and orange dot when a cable is connected (you can switch between input/output by left-clicking the dots). The output connections will emit a signal when no input signals are on.
  • New part: Added and-gate to the game. The and-gate has 4 inputs/output connections respectively showed as a blue and orange dot when a cable is connected (you can switch between input/output by left-clicking the dots). The output connections will emit a signal when all input signals are on.
  • Updated part: The engine (iron engine) was changed. It’s now possible to augment the speed (“low” and “normal”) of the engine before crafting it. This change will allow new kind of setup to work, including the famous mecha-spider.
  • Removed part: Engine small was removed from the game. The small engine didn’t really fit into our “big is better” ideology.
  • Story mode: Scorpions and beehives now spawn in the desert. It’s now possible to obtain wax by harvesting beehives.
  • Story mode: Techs now needs to be unlocked in story mode (only). Unlocking different techs will give you access to different parts depending on the tech unlocked. Note that all these techs were unlocked automatically pre-v.0.1.1
  • Fixed a bug where rotated hatches would not create enclosures.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing up left/right + up/down while being on a lever would cause a sound glitch.
  • Fixed part of a bug that caused entire circuits of cable or belts to change type. We’re still looking into this, and under some rare situations this might still occur.
  • Fixed a bug where players sometimes would get stuck under a entrance/exit to a mine/cave.
  • Fixed a bug where wrots couldn’t get hit by projectiles and having their health bar shown when in idle state.
  • Fixed a bug where the timer would not save its duration when exiting the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when deleting a ladder the player were climbing.
  • Fixed a bug where the player was able to climb under the floor using the ladder in the tutorial/intro.
  • Fixed a bug where the player were able to climb through the hatches in the intro without them being open.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash shortly after using the escape pod in the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when trying to remove the wheel from the tutorial car when asked to do so.
  • Fixed a bug where the exit-button were replaced with the “Respawn on continue”-button.
Endnote: We originally intended to implement pistons and slides in v.0.1.1, but since they aren’t ready yet, we decided to release v.0.1.1 without them to not delay the patch even further.
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