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Patch Notes v.0.1.3 (26/07/2018)

Post by MM_Needo » 26 Jul 2018, 13:25

We know it has been awhile, but we finally released v.0.1.3 introducing a new tech-system, new game mode, new mobs, character customization, performance optimization and a bunch of fixes. We would like to send our thanks to all our alpha testers who helped with a lot of bug reports - we couldn’t fix everything for this patch, but we’re working on it! Good luck and good testing!

• The blueprint menu has been updated and optimized. The blueprinting menu should now load faster and has been divided into a “local” blueprints folder and a “workshop” blueprints folder. The blueprints are also now sorted by date created and it’s possible to enter the workshop directly from the menu.
• When blueprinting (“b”) an object, other objects touching that object will also be part of that blueprint. This means that you can now blueprint a “tank” with the tracks.
• Traveling between instances while mounted an object (e.g. a vehicle) will now bring the mounted object and anything it touches with you. This means you can now travel between instances with a tank (with the tracks!)
• The crafting menu have been updated. The crafting menus now has pages with up to 7 parts on each. You can use the arrows on screen the mouse scroll-wheel to go back and forth between pages.
• When recycling (using ”t”) the thing you’re about to recycle will now be indicated with red.
• The light in the caves now also disappear/diminish when it’s night.
• Tweaked cave-in chance.
• Increased aggression range of bats and cave squids.
• There’s now a chance that bats will spawn when you harvest resources in the mine and rocks in the overworld.
• Resources will now drop in the world when a chest is destroyed. Any parts will be converted back to resources.
• Resources will now drop in stacks. Before resources dropped one-by-one.
• General performance optimization. We changed the way tiles are dynamically loaded so tiles are now unloaded if not used. This should especially improve performance in bigger worlds .
• Changes the layout of the “Controls” and “New Game” menu.
• Added ambient sounds to the spaceship and biomes.
• Added character customization. When starting a new game It’s possible to change the characters hat, head, jacket and shirt to a total of 1024 different combinations.
• Logic Gates and Switches will now automatically connect when placed right next to another connectable object. This works similar to how lever, boiler and engines would connect when close placed next to each other.
• The number of enemies will increase the deeper you go down in the mines/caves.
• Adjusted attack damage values for Wrots, Cave Squid and Mini-roach (ranged attack).
• Increased the experience required to get a level by 100%.
• You can now scroll through the saved games menu by clicking the arrows on the screen. Before you could only use the mouse scroll-wheel.
• Added “save game” button in the menu.
• New part / mechanic: Research Facility. We changed the way new technologies are acquired: The player will now start with a limited set of available parts. To get new parts (technologies) the player must acquire the necessary resources for each specific part and then put them in the Research Facility. This will make the respective parts available for unlocking by using a specific amount of experience points. These changes only apply to the new survival mode
• New Mode: Survival mode. Survival mode offers a new and harder experience for players who likes a challenge. In Survival mode you start with nothing and it’s up to you to choose what you want to do. But be careful, survival is made difficult by the night mobs who’ll repeatedly attack you during the night, and the reoccurring Aether Storms that makes the animal life on the planet go berserk.
• Survival mode: Resources do not respawn when entering a new instance (like in story/creative mode).
• Survival mode: Aether Storm. Every 5. day (the night before) an Aether Storm will occur on the planet. The Aether Storm will replenish all resources on the planet and make all hostile mobs aggressive towards the player.
• Survival mode: Added water/ocean on the very far edges of the world. Note: This is very very (very!) far out
• New Mob: Demon Flyer. The Demon Flyer is an airborne hostile mob that will spawn on the overworld during the night and despawn when the day arrives.
• New mob: Demon Interceptor. The Demon Interceptor is a ground walking hostile mob that will spawn in the mines and on the overworld during the night (although on the overworld, they will despawn when the day arrives).
• New mobs: Added two new evolved kind of Cave Squids. You’ll find these deep in the mines.
• New mob: Evil Plant. The Evil Plant can’t move but will attack the player when getting too close.
• New mob: Maggot. Maggot attacks will cause the player to become poisoned. Yuck!
• New vegetation: Maggot Nest. Will yield wood when harvested, doing so has a chance of spawning a Maggot.
• New vegetation: Scorched tree. Will yield wood when harvested.
• Fixed a bug where a schematic would be displayed when trying to create new parts while your inventory was full.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to create a floating block by attaching a coupling to a block, then lifting (both) blocks in the air, holding the coupling part. Then grapple-locking the entire thing and removing the blocks around it by left clicking slightly next to the blocks.
• Fixed a bug where SHIFT + LEFT CLICK while having a blueprint on the cursor would cause the blueprint to get stuck on the cursor.
• Fixed a bug where fusing and deleting at the same time would cause the blocks to float in the air.
• Fixed a bug when deleting a Flux capacitor, you did not get the flux back that you stored in it.
• Fixed a bug when creating a new game, the game title box couldn’t hold the entire text (name of the game).
• Fixed a bug where John were not during his dishes.
• Fixed a bug where holding down RIGHT CLICK while mounting a lever with E would cause the multitool sound to repeat for 20-30 sec.
• Fixed a bug when starting crafting something, and then starting a new game before the crafting was done, would cause that thing to transfer to the other game.
• Fixed a bug where lifting up the air tether would cause it to become blue.
• Fixed a bug where placing a ladder next to another object would cause the ladder to become solid.
• Fixed a bug where the game would crash when creating big enclosures.
• Fixed a bug where resources would be deleted if you picked up a resource from the ground and then entered an instance.
• Fixed a bug where a vehicle/contraption would be fully repaired when entering an instance with it.
• Fixed a bug where objects sometimes would transfer to a new game when creating a game while already in a game.
• Fixed a bug where you could crash the game by SHIFT + LEFT CLICK next to the ballista or lamp a specific amount of times.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to make everlasting “ghostblocks” by placing one type of block, and then swapping to another block using the hotkeys while stile holding down LEFT CLICK.
• Fixed a bug where pressing t (to recycle) on the tutorial car would cause the wheels to get recycled. Nothing should be recycled.
• Fixed a bug where picking up an item from a storage chest, then running away while it’s on the mouse, would cause you to not be able to place any kind of block in the world until that specific storage chest was destroyed.
• Fixed a bug where the game would crash when dislodging a lever from an engine.
• Fixed a bug where the game would not start in the native resolution when launched the first time.
• Fixed a bug where The Dweller would not destroy machinery that was far inside of it (when attacking).
• Fixed a bug where the user could create and build blueprints with plumbing, which are not yet unlocked.
• Fixed a bug where the sofa and TV would appear on the surface right after crashing with the crashpot in the tutorial.
• Fixed a bug where the game time were not saved when quitting the game.
• Fixed a bug where resources on the cursor would be deleted when opening a storage chest and then placing them inside the storage chest.
• Fixed a bug where harvesting iron would cause the mining-sound to keep playing even after the iron depot was exhausted.
• Fixed a bug where splitting resources in a container would cause the resource stack to be duplicated.
• Fixed a bug where objects sometimes would disappear when off-screen (out of vision from the player).
• Fixed a bug where water and stones sometimes can’t be harvested, and the hitbox was not on the actual resource.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to destroy a resource from your inventory by picking it from the ground, then unsuccessfully placing it in a filled slot (slot A) in the inventory bar, then afterward placing it in another filled slot (slot B).
• Fixed a bug that would cause some players to crash when ending the tutorial (exiting the cave).
• Fixed various bugs in the Load Menu.
• Fixed a bug where the frogs sometimes would spawn in the ceiling of the tutorial cave.
• Fixed a bug where blueprints weren’t removed from the inventory when used using the hotkey.
• Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn't recycle (“t”) stuff in story mode.
• Fixed a bug where the game time weren’t saved when quitting the game.
• Fixed a bug where enemies were able to attack blueprints on the cursor.
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