Patch notes for Mechanic Miner updates and Roadmap for our future releases
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Patch Notes v.0.2.0 (06/09/2018)

Post by MM_Needo » 06 Sep 2018, 14:26

We just released patch v.0.1.4 which brings a huge performance boost, this includes generalized rendering optimization, physic performance improvements and fully threaded terrain generation. Although v.0.1.4 should make Mechanic Miner perform much better now, there’s still a few improvements missing, like simplified geometry for machines. These will be implemented at a later point.

• Vegetation is now batch-caching and rendering on the GPU.
• Particles are now batch-caching.
Smaller machines are now batch-caching.
• Improved the way blocks check for buoyancy so it’s now much faster. Before this was causing bad performance even though the blocks weren’t in water.
• Re-implemented the unloading of tiles. This was originally added in v.0.1.3 and removed again in v.0.1.3a because it was causing bad performance.
• The terrain is now solely rendered on the CPU and is now using another thread.
• Simplified the collision with terrain. Changed the collision from pixel-collision to segment-collision.
• Changed the light rendering to be double buffed, allowing the communication with the GPU to be asynchronized.
• Changed the moving behaviour of enemies so they spread out.
• Added the sand ceiling back to sand caves.
• Bullets/projectiles from the Railgun will now bounce of terrain before disappearing.
• It’s now possible to hold down backspace in the Game Title box when renaming or creating a new world.
• Simplified the mine in the story mode. The cave was too big, making it too hard for new players.
• Flux antenna now no longer collide with mobs.
• Fixed a bug where deleting blocks while grappling an object could cause a crash.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to create ghost blocks by hitting escape while placing blocks.
• Fixed a bug where it sometimes where possible to create ghost blocks when placing intersecting blocks.
• Fixed a bug where John would be sad during the night.
• Fixed a bug where the game would crash after entering the portal behind the dweller.
• Fixed a bug where the Dweller had collision even though it was dead.
• Fixed a bug where the Braziers in the Roach boss room were not animating.
• Fixed a bug where having non-latin characters in your windows account name would prevent you from starting the game.
• Fixed a bug where the game would create double vegetation (e.g. creating two trees on top of each other).
• Fixed a bug where grappling and moving a block sometimes would cause a huge performance loss if the block would touch another block.
• Fixed a bug where an update time would cause animations to not work and cause problems with the player-tools (grappling, repair, etc.).
• Fixed a bug causing bad performance due to the game trying to render on an unused buffer related to flux and stale air in instances where there were no flux or stale air.
• Fixed a bug where the game would save unnecessarily often, causing constant lag spikes.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to lift and fuse the backpack.
• Fixed a bug where wheels and bombs wouldn’t take damage from projectile shots.
• Fixed a bug where a running air pump would still play a sound after being deleted.
• Fixed a bug where the red block indicator box would flash on objects when trying to delete an object with hold shift.
• Fixed a bug where the name of a saved world wouldn't be confined in the menu box.
• Fixed a bug where two touching objects would stay blue if they were separated while trying to blueprint them.
• Fixed a bug where placing a blueprint in the world in creative mode would not consume the blueprint in your inventory.
• Fixed a bug where removing a blueprint from the blueprint menu while having the same blueprint in your inventory would leave a undeleted file from that blueprint.
• Fixed a bug where grappling a lamp right after it was created would leave a static image of the lamp in the air.
• Fixed a bug where the sofa would increase in size when hold shift while hovering the sofa with the cursor.
• Fixed a bug where placing a plumbing that would intersect with the ground/walls/players would cause that plumbing to get deleted (and the resources to get permanently deleted).
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to store momentum in a flying player by passing objects through the player.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to stack velocity in the player by passing objects through the player while the player is mounted to a lever.
• Fixed a bug where switching building blocks while building into the ground will cause the blocks to float forever.
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