Patch notes for Mechanic Miner updates and Roadmap for our future releases
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Patch Notes v.0.3.0 (06/12/2018)

Post by MM_Needo » 06 Dec 2018, 13:51

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Finally, the long awaited lootification patch is out! We’re bringing more resources, more parts, more augmentations, changes to boilers and levers, the new Modules, a new 15 level instance, resource drops from enemies, new enemies and new enemy behavior/attacks. We also updated the entire armor/damage system and made blocks/parts vulnerable to weapons. Furthermore, we added a bigger inventory, vastly improved the in-game GUI and added a console with a set of commands for you to play with. We hope you’ll enjoy!

Please note that almost all the new content and changes will solely be in Survival Mode and Creative Mode, meaning that Story Mode will almost be the exact same as it was before v.0.3.0. We plan on adding all the new content to Story Mode in a later patch.

Patch notes:
  • Added chat/console. Press enter to open the chat/console while in a game. You can type /help in the chat/console to get a list of possible commands. The commands are the following: “/help”, “/time”, “/mob”, “/res” and “/mode”
  • Added new graphics to the following in-game UI: control-panel, inventory and experience/health bar.
  • Increased the size of the inventory from 9 slots to 27 slots. The hotkey bar will still consist of 9 slots, but it’s possible to open your “backpack”, that has 18 extra slots, by clicking the backpack-icon or with the hotkey “I”.
  • Added 21 new resources to the game. These resources can be found various places in the world or by killing enemies. The new resources are the following: “Pheomelanin”, “Azurite”, “Larva Bile”, “Fuchsia”, “Venom”, “Slime”, “Flax”, “Kaolinite”, “Niter”, “Fish oil”, “Oil”, “Rubber”, “Aetherium”, “Vaporized aetherium”, “Coal”, “Enzyme”, “Psilocybin”, “Tungsten”, “Chromite”, “Lead” and “Nickel”.
  • Removed Sand Cave from Survival mode.
  • Changed Multimine in Survival mode. The Multimine now only have 1 level.
  • Added a new instance: Deep Cave. The Deep Cave has 15 random generated levels. Each level is significantly larger than the usual mine/cave-levels and has a unique structure with vertical slopes making it hard to traverse. Additionally, random generated areas will spawn on each level. Each area will include a set of minerals (resources), enemies (e.g. the “Iron patch” consist of Iron, Lead and Cave Squids). Areas will have more minerals in them depending on the instance-level, and areas with more valuable resources are more likely to spawn further down the Deep Cave.
  • Added the option to teleport up and down from different levels in the Deep Cave. It’s only possible to teleport to levels that you have already reached in that specific Deep Cave. You can only teleport from an instance exit/entrance, and can do so by clicking SHIFT + F when near an exit/entrance.
  • Changed the armor-values of all blocks/parts, enemies and John. Most block/parts and enemies now have significantly more armor (making them more durable).
  • Changed the damage output of the Ballista, Railgun, Sawblade, Spikes and Steel Spikes to better reflect the new armor-values.
  • The damage and armor of enemies will increase as you delve deeper into the mines/caves.
  • The amount of enemies will increase as you delve deeper into the mines/caves.
  • The amount of resources/loot from minerals and enemies will increase as you delve deeper into the mines/caves.
  • New Wrot attack: “Lift”. The Wrot will now try to lift blocks and everything attached to that block, additionally it’s able to dislodge parts and fly away with them.
  • New Bat behavior: “Flock”. Whenever a nearby Wrot Lifts (new attack) a block or part, the bat will fly to the Wrot and try to defend it.
  • New Cave Squid behavior: “Ink Cloud”. The Cavesquid will disperse a black non-transparent cloud, moving into the cloud will reduce the players sight significantly. Using a working Air Pump system will remove the Ink Cloud.
  • New Interceptor behavior: “Invulnerability”. When hit, the Interceptor will go into an invulnerable state. This state will last for a short duration or until the Interceptor attacks.
  • New Evil Plant attack: “Grab”. The evil plant will grab and hold nearby blocks/parts. It will first let go when killed.
  • The Frogs are now able to attack blocks/parts.
  • New enemy: Chilled Tortoise (Also known as Spikey Boii). The Chilled Tortoise is a durable slow moving enemy that shoots cascade of ice spikes and occasionally hides in its shield.
  • New enemy: Anglerfish. The Anglerfish can be found in ponds .
  • Reduced the amount of Evil Plants in the Oasis.
  • Added Scorpions to the Oasis.
  • Changed how levers work. Levers now by default only have 1 output signal, some levers have more outputs. it’s possible to change the active output signal while mounting the lever with the hotkeys “1”, “2” and “3”. Additionally, while on any lever, the player can’t use their inventory.
  • The Copper lever now only have 1 output.
  • The Iron Lever (old lever) now only has 2 outputs and each output is separated.
  • Changed how boilers work. Boilers now outputs different amounts of “power”, the Copper boiler outputs the lowest power and the Superheated boiler (new part) outputs the highest power. The amount of power has different effects on parts that takes steam as input - e.g. the more power makes Railgun projectiles shoot longer or pistons lift more weight.
  • New part: Grappler. The Grappler can shoot a hook which attaches itself to terrain. The Grappler requires Steam to function. The Grappler can be mounted or controlled via cable input.
  • New part: Superheated boiler. The Superheated boiler is the strongest boiler, and Water and Oil to function.
  • New part: Advanced lever. The Advanced Lever has 3 outputs and each output is separated.
  • New part: Cannon. The Cannon is a new weapon that can be mounted or controlled via cable input and uses iron as ammunition. The Cannon has the highest damage of all weapons, but also a significantly longer cooldown.
  • New part: Tube. The Tube is used to connect Modules (new parts) to ranged weapons.
  • Added “Modules” to the game. Modules are parts that can be build and placed in the world. It’s possible to connect Modules to the Ballista, Railgun or Cannon (new part) via Tubes (new part) to change the effect of the weapons attack.
  • New Module: Poison Module. The Poison Module adds (if connected) a poison effect to the weapon, poisoning enemies that are hit by the weapons attack. Poison deals damage over time.
  • New Module: Knockback Module. The Knockback Module adds (if connected) a knockback effect to the weapon, knocking back enemies that are hit by the weapons attack.
  • New Module: Ricochet Module. The Ricochet Module adds (if connected) a bouncing effect to the weapon, making the projectiles bounce of terrains.
  • New Module: Explosive Module. The Explosive Module adds (if connected) an explosive effect to the weapon, making the projectile explode on impact damaging everyone around the target.
  • Augmentations now needs to be discovered and researched (unlocked) just like parts.
  • Augmentations will now always cost additional resources.
  • New augmentation: Reinforce. Reinforce will increase the armor of the block. Reinforce can be applied to Planks, Door and certain Wheels.
  • New augmentation: Galvanize. Galvanize will increase the armor of the block. Galvanize can be applied to Plate, Coupling and certain Wheels.
  • New augmentation: Driftwood. Driftwood will make Planks lighter than air. Driftwood can only be applied to Planks.
  • New augmentation: Stickiness. Stickiness will make the Wheel stick to terrain. Stickiness can be applied to all Wheels.
  • New augmentation: Epinephrine. Epinephrine will make the Drug Dispenser (old Health Generator) dispense a crafting speed buff, but will no longer restore health. Epinephrine will change the type of fuel/consumption of the Drug Dispenser.
  • New augmentation: Dispersal. Dispersal will make the Drug Dispenser (old Health Generator) disperse its effect in an area around it, removing the need to mount it. Dispersal will add a new fuel/consumption to the Drug Dispenser.
  • New augmentation: Telescopic Arm. Telescopic Arm doubles the length of the Piston arm .
  • New augmentation: Speed. Speed increases the movement speed of the Grappler (new part).
  • New augmentation: Barbed. Barbed will allow the Grappler (new part) to attach its hook to enemies.
  • New augmentation: Colorize. Colorize will change the visual color of some blocks. The Colorize augmentations requires at least 1 of the 4 new color-resources, but can be combined to make a total of 15 different colors. Colorize works on Planks, Plate, Bricks, Ladders and Couplings.
  • New augmentation: Phase Chaining. Phase Chaining will cause enemies hit by the Railguns projectiles to enter a paralyzing phase state for a short duration. Additionally, hitting a phased enemy will cause the projectile to chain to another nearby enemy. Phase Chaining will change the consumption of the Railgun.
  • New augmentation: Pierce. Pierce will allow the Ballistas arrows to pierce through enemies and blocks/parts. Pierce will change the consumption of the Ballista.
  • New augmentation: Shotgun. Shotgun will cause the Cannons attack to shoot out 6 smaller projectiles in a cone. Shotgun will change the consumption of the Cannon.
  • Added the Springiness augmentation to Pistons.
  • Added new descriptions to most parts/blocks.
  • Adding augmentations to parts/blocks will now change that part or blocks full name depending on the augmentations added.
  • Renamed “Piston” to “Piston 24””.
  • Renamed “Wheel 2” to “Wooden Wheel 24””.
  • Renamed “Wheel 3” to “Wooden Wheel 36””.
  • Renamed Wheel 4 to “Iron Wheel 48””.
  • Renamed “Copper wheel” to “Copper Wheel 48””.
  • Renamed “Wheel 7” to Iron “Wheel 84””.
  • Renamed “Screw” to “Screw Propeller”.
  • Renamed “Engine” to “Iron Engine”.
  • Renamed “Boiler” to “Iron Boiler”.
  • Renamed “Health Generator” to “Drug Dispenser”
  • Renamed “Lever” to “Iron Lever”
  • Renamed “Copper coupling” to “Coupling”
  • Bed now requires Wood and Flax to be built.
  • Sofa now requires Wood and Flax to be built.
  • Candlelight now requires Wax and Flax to be built.
  • Iron Engine (old Engine) now requires Iron and Lead to be built. Additionally, the Iron cost was increased.
  • Iron Boiler (old Boiler) now requires Iron and Rubber to be built, and Water and Coal to function. Additionally, the iron cost was increased.
  • Piston now requires Iron and Oil to be built.
  • Iron Lever (old Lever) now requires Iron and Bakelite to be built. Additionally, the Iron cost was increased.
  • Research Facility now requires Copper, Iron, Zinc, Wood, Rubber and Bakelite to be built. Additionally, the Bakelite cost was lowered, and Iron cost removed.
  • Hatch now requires Iron and Rubber to be built.
  • Lamp now requires Iron, Bakelite, Flax and Fish Oil to be built, and Fish Oil to function.
  • Flux antenna now requires Vaporized Aetherium and Iron to be built.
  • Balloon now requires Iron and Rubber to be built.
  • All logic gates (Timer, Converter, Not-gate, And-gate) now requires Iron and Bakelite to be built.
  • Air Pump now requires Copper, Zinc, Rubber and Flax to be built. Additionally, the Copper and Zinc cost was increased.
  • Air Tether now requires Copper, Zinc, Rubber and Flax to be built. Additionally, the Copper and Zinc cost was increased.
  • Railgun now requires Iron and Chromite to be built.
  • Bomb now requires Iron and Niter to be built.
  • Toilet now requires Iron and Kaolinite to be built.
  • Significantly Reduced the iron cost of the Storage Safe.
  • Increased the Wood and Copper cost of Drug Dispenser (old Health Generator).
  • Removed part: Tiny tank
  • Removed part: Iron coupling.
  • Removed part: Slider
  • Lowered the max duration between hitting “space” to enable fly-mode in creative mode.
  • It’s now possible to damage blocks/parts with the Ballista, Railgun and Cannon.
  • Changed the graphics of all broken parts/blocks.
  • Changes the texture of the mountains.
  • Changed the layout of the “New game” menu.
  • Added a visual indicator showing when a machine is missing steam.
  • Added a “Manual control” tag to all parts that can be used with “E”.
  • Fixed the bug where broken parts/blocks were not properly visualized when lifting the broken parts/blocks.
  • Fixed a bug where stacking resources of the same kind would sometimes crash the game if the total resource amount would exceed the maximum allowed stack size.
  • Fixed a bug where the game time would not be correct after loading a game.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to do damage with spikes while lifting it and holding shift.
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