Patch notes for Mechanic Miner updates and Roadmap for our future releases
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Hotfix v.0.4.0b (14/05/2019)

Post by MM_Needo » 14 May 2019, 16:32

• Reduced the amount of Demon Interceptors spawning during an Aether Storm in Survival Mode.
• When you die in Survival Mode you will now respawn with your full inventory.
• Changed mountable plumbing (not levers) so you no longer can mount them if it has a cable input connected to it.
• Removed frogs from Marsh area in Survival.
• At least one beehive (providing Wax) will now spawn near the second cave in the tutorial (Marsh area)
• Added an *in-world* arrow showing the player where to find a beehive (providing Wax) and bones (providing Bakelite) when the respective resource is needed to progress in the story line in Story Mode.
• In the tutorial (Ship area) when fixing the shuttle car, the engine can now be pulled through the wall of the ship and will now snap into place when fusing, making it easier for new players.
• (re-)implemented the respawn-button. *When clicked you will respawn at the latest checkpoint, note that this is not necessarily your last save!*
• Added a link on the news section to our guide page on Mechanic Miners webpage.
• Added more log info in crash-logs.
• Added a special crash message to the crashes related to the graphic driver.
• Fixed a bug where the player would not respawn at the right position after dying.
• Fixed a bug where parts were not being re-centered when entering portals.*(This caused machines disappear sometimes)*.
• Fixed a bug where the new game (gamemode screen) where not scaling correctly with some resolutions.
• Fixed a crash occurring when a player would abort a lift by picking up another program and then switching back to the first program and doing the same thing again.
• Fixed a bug where players with russian characters in their install folder couldn’t start the game.
• Fixed a crash occurring when a player would press “C” (Copy-tool) on a block/plumbing they hadn’t researched yet.
• Fixed a crash occurring when the player would repair a plumbing with connectors on it while the plumbing got destroyed.
• Fixed a bug where Flying demons would spawn in the ground while in a cave.
• Fixed a spelling mistake in a dialogue in the “Abandon ship” quest (ship tutorial).
• Fixed crash occurring if the player jumped down in the hole in the conservatory (ship tutorial) while constructing planks in inventory.
• Fixed a box where text in non-story mode related message boxes did not do proper line breaks.
• Fixed a bug where contraptions sometimes would disappear when reloading or moving away and going back after entering a portal with them.
• Fixed a bug where the hatch in the shuttle car were closed when trying to fuse the engine to the shuttle car.
• Fixed crossjoint-connections, they should now work consistently with all connector types.
• Fixed a bug a bug where the dialog windowed info-boxes would not pause the game completely, causing trails and particles to spawn and never disappear.
• Fixed a bug where not enough beehives (providing Wax) would spawn in the tutorial (Marsh area).
• Fixed a bug where bones (providing Bakelite) would not spawn near the second cave in the tutorial (Marsh area).
• Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when hologram John were about to show the player how to fuse the engine.
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