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Hotfix v.0.4.0d (17.05.2019)

Posted: 17 May 2019, 13:39
by MM_Needo
• Fixed a bug when recycling where every resource would drop one by one in the world if the inventory were full. Now it drops in stacks.
• Fixed a bug where wheels would not return the augmentation resource cost when recycling.
• Fixed a bug where Deep Cave portals would display a text saying it would go down when they actually go up.
• Fixed a bug where connectors would not have a cost in blueprints.
• Fixed a bug where you sometimes would not get all resources back when deconstructing connectors.
• Fixed a bug where deconstructing a connector would in some cases leave a single unconnected connector.
• Fixed a bug where lifting connectors while already lifting blocks/plumbing would sometimes result in a crash.
• Fixed a bug where blueprints were loaded from the blueprint folder and not the saved game when loading a game.
• Fixed a bug causing some Russian players to not be able to open the Steam Workshop tab.
• Fixed a bug where mobs weren’t destroyed after being harvested. This caused a memory leak and the mob to never respawn again.
• Fixed a bug where the player would lose the entire stack of blocks if they cancelled a construction queue that was created on an existing stack of stack of blocks.
• Fixed a collision bug around the crashed escape pod in tutorial (Marsh area).
• Fixed the pressure plate.
• Fixed a bug where the player couldn’t mount the grappler and any weapon if they had any connections on it. (You should only not be able to mount these when there’s a cable connection attached).