Patch notes for Mechanic Miner updates and Roadmap for our future releases
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Patch notes v0.5.0 (22.05.2019)

Post by MM_Needo » 22 May 2019, 18:15

Mechanic Miner is now in Early Access (v.0.5.0) & the full game has now been unlocked (compared to previous beta builds).

• The full act 1 in Story Mode is now unlocked.
• The unstable multiplayer beta branch has been added. *To play this branch you’ll need to enable the multiplayer beta through Steam. To do so, right click on “Mechanic Miner” in your library on Steam and hit “Properties”. Go to the “Beta” tab and select “beta-multiplayer” in the drop down menu.*
• Remastered all the music in-game.
• Added sound to the scene in the tutorial (Marsh area) where the leader frog hits your vehicle.
• Added more ‘flashing’ to the sections in the tutorial where you build cable and belt connections.
• Added an application icon to Mechanic Miner.
• Improved performance when saving, copying and starting from checkpoints.
• Fixed a bug where the frogs would chase your forever after being aggroed.
• Fixed a bug where the grappler could be extended much more than intended when moving left or right.
• Fixed a bug where resource-fragments were not properly saved and loaded when going up and down in caves, or when saving and loading the game.
• Fixed a bug where destroying a container would not return the right amount of resources.
• Fixed several crashes related to copying parts/blocks that were being lifted.
• Fixed a bug where the critter would sometimes despawn and disappear forever in story mode.
• Fixed a bug where opening chat during a cutscene could get the player stuck in the scene.
• Fixed a bug where mobs could sometimes get stuck in a “non-dead” state.
• Fixed a bug where the Demon Interceptor would not respawn in the Story Mode.
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