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Hotfix 0.5.0b (27.05.2019)

Post by MM_Needo » 27 May 2019, 14:16

This hotfix contains a few bug and crash fixes including a fix for the infamous Dweller crash and the contraption/machine disappearing bug.
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• Fixed a crash occurring when the Critter would jump out of the Analysis Engine after the Dweller was defeated.
• Fixed a bug where resources left in the world would duplicate upon being unloaded/loaded causing performance issues.
• Fixed a bug causing contraptions to not get loaded back into the world properly after being unloaded.
• Fixed a bug where the Critter would get destroyed if you tried to pick it up with a full inventory.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to build blocks under the terrain by click-dragging blocks from over the terrain and then dragging it under the terrain.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to place a wheel on a self-lifting block which sometimes caused a crash.
• Fixed a bug where you would not get Aetherium in your inventory when restoring your vehicle with Hologram John after harvesting the Demon Interceptors corpse for the first time in Story Mode.
• Added bones (providing Bakelite) around the second cave in the Marsh area in Survival mode.
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