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Total bug report (jbox1)

Post by jbox1 » 02 May 2018, 09:10

I'm just gonna present all bugs I have recorded so far. This includes possible fixes, and will be as detailed as I can make them. I've tried to avoid known bugs, unless I know a possible solution for them.
  • can't change inputs and outputs on converter due to toggles overlapping sometimes. Toggles need to be re-adjusted to allow for easier usage.
  • When climbing ladders, usable items (such as doors, levers, e.t.c) will use your location before using the ladder instead of when on the ladder when considering whether you are in range of the item
  • About the "can't place blocks" glitch, I noticed that if you transfer items to a storage container while this glitch is occuring, there is a chance the glitch will stop. This glitch also seems to occasionally occur after using a container. Considering this sometimes doesn't work, I hypothesise this is not one glitch, but two or maybe more glitches that have the same effect. This glitch is also stopped by going into a new area (this also has more reliable results)
  • If you activate flight mode and then delete something whilst in flight in the opposite direction, the character does a strange animation I can only describe as a "moon walk".
  • When breaking hinges, sometimes the children will bind with another hinge.
  • Pistons, in general.
  • Vehicles don't load at the same time. I recommend, when loading in vehicles on a world, disable physics until it has finished. I had two vechiles resting on top of each other, but the top one loaded before the botton one, so they clipped into each other and caused a crash.
  • Ladder direction can't be rotated. Ladder direction is relative to the vechile, meaning upside down vechiles (even if accidental) have upside down ladders, which can be a pain sometimes.

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