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Vent Tethers dissapearing after a certain distance

Post by jackywolfie » 27 May 2019, 21:12

I was driving my contraption in the poisonous cave and making my tethers and vents along the floor as i went. After a certain distance the pipes between the tethers disapear and it lets the poison come back. If i move back closer to the air pump the pipes reappear! Its stopping me from progressing as i can't move through the cave deep enough before it happens!
Hope this helps, i love the game and really want to continue the story but this is stopping me.
Have a good Day/evening!

This is when i have the tethers;


And this is when i lose it;


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Re: Vent Tethers dissapearing after a certain distance

Post by 23jhawk » 27 May 2019, 23:02

This issue has been reappearing originally with large vehicles disappearing and I guess it also happens with long distance tethers. This seems to happen when something is too far from the player and the block/vehicle unloads.

A work around you can use is by making another vehicle with the vent system inside or just adding it to your current vehicle.
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