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The idea of electricity is mostly as an accessory to vechiles above all else. It can be generated, stored, and used in a number of ways that can provide aid to players, but will act mostly like a situational sidegrade for some players, or as a means of using sub systems to others.

Generating Electricity
Electricity first off needs to be generated in some way. The first way is via the use of an eletric motor, a 2x2 part which will produce energy using power from a belt input. The amount of energy created is dependent on speed, but will also add more strain to the belt drive. Such belt drive energy could be delivered using steam power, wind power (see: Advanced Drivetrain Control) or even good old elbow grease.

The second way is with SOLAR POWER! Solar panels will be expensive, mabey even needing flux to be crafted, but will provide an unlimited supply of power, provided strong lighting from sources like the sun.

Transfering Electricity
Electricity, now having a way to be generated, needs to be delivered to appropriate parts in need. Electricity can be transferred using power wires. The reason why there should be the normal control wires and power wires is because electricity is a resource, while control is not. Also, it will make it easier to dicern the two, and not accidentally short curcuit your grid when you mix the two up. Also also, since some parts that require power will also require control, you would be unable to attach both wires to one component if they were both the same wire.

Using Electricity
Electricity is would be pointless without a use! A number of possible ways to use electricity would be to power certain accessories to players vechiles. Things such as the large lightbulb, research station and other future items could require a source of electricity to function, and their abilities may be hindered by a low supply of it (the light could dim, the research center could slow).

Another use for electricity is to power vechiles. The earlier-mentioned electric motor also works as a motor as well as a generator. When given a command via a control wire, the motor will not generate power, but instead consume it. The speed and power of an electric motor is limited by the amount of it is supplied, of course. The benifits of the electric motor is its small size, as said before, making it a good choice for small scout vechiles which are unlikely to venture to long in the wilderness, but need to be cheap and light to be effective.

Mabey even in the future, we could have electrical weapons such as tasers, which consume ludicrous amounts of power, but cause insane damage. Or even lasers which experience no gravity and have unlimited range (beam lasers like in real life, not projectile lasers you see in movies), but again require a constant flow of energy.

Storing Electricity
Of course, it’s pointless to even have electricity if you need to provide a constant stream of energy for it to be usable. Instead, you should be able to store energy in batteries, which soak up power when there is more supply then demand, and visa versa when there is an increase in demand. The “power” will also be effected by how much energy is stored. A battery at full charge will drive a motor at max speed, but once it reaches around 50% charge the motor will only run at 90% speed, at 25% around 75%, at 10% only 50% or some other non-linear equation.

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