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Pneumatic tubing

Post by jbox1 » 11 Dec 2018, 13:22

What if you needed to send a fair amount of recourses a medium distance, but you can't be bothered walking back and forth? Pneumatic tubing would include two major parts, the pneumatic input and the pneumatic output. Items that are put into the pneumatic input will then travel through a "tubing" circuit (what's used for the enhancement modules), and then will appear in the pneumatic output. If more than one output appear on the same circuit, the items will be split evenly between them.

But wait! There's more! "What if you want to set up a long distance system, but can't be bothered placing tubing all the way down?" I hear you cry! Well, that's where the pneumatic joint comes in! The pneumatic joint works similar to the air pump or flux vent. The pneumatic joint connects pneumatic inputs and outputs via an instant tube, which also connects to other pneumatic joints.

Some optional extras would be a "joint layer", a device which deposits joints onto cave walls, which means no more than a quick drive will allow you to make a fully functional cave network, or a cave joint, which allows pneumatic networks to be connected between two entirely different cave levels.

"This all sounds very fancy" I hear you say "but what are it's uses?". Many! One use is to transfer resources from a mining expedition up to a main base, where walking back and forth would be a tiring journey. Another would be a method for mass transportation of materials between two players, whom would want to trade items between two areas quickly, without having to travel there manually.

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