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Flight stuffs!

Post by jbox1 » 11 Dec 2018, 13:23

Provides an upwards force when moving in their appropriate direction.

Provides a drag and upwards force when moving in their appropriate direction. Also can be adjusted via wiring to increase or decrease its lift, allowing you to control your attitude.

**Helicopter Blades™**
Provides a strong upwards force when given a rotary input. This force will always act globally upwards, meaning there'd be no need for external stabilisation. This would make the helicopter blades act as a more compact, more powerful and controllable, but far more recourse intensive alternative to balloons.

**Flippatron 2000™**
Using the power of flux, this device creates a wormhole into a parallel universe where everything is mirrored exactly horizontally, and transports your whole vechile there.

(It flips your car to face the other way, so you don't need to build bi-directional vehicles all the time. My explanation just makes it sounds cooler :P)


Now now, hang on a minute. This is an extension to everyone elses "thruster" suggestion. You listening? Good.

What if thrusters also pushed whatever was behind them, like in KSP? You could use this mechanic to make simple cannons using thrusters to launch your projectile! Eh? Eh?

I take pride in filling up a forum!

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