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RE water

Post by Jammeh » 13 Dec 2017, 19:26

So, having played through mechanic miner (or, attempting to), I have come to realise the importance of water, as a substance.
I have noticed how despite not seeming as valuable as (for example) iron, or wood, it is incredibly important as you cannot power a vehicle without it (early game).
When I first started playing, I noticed how in the tutorial, you're never told how to collect water, or what part of the water to actually get (you learn from experience, if that's what you're aiming for). I found this of slight annoyance, as I spent several minutes just running my mouse around the water, until I realised to aim for the swirly bits (complete accident which showed me that).
I want to suggest that maybe you're told to collect water (and how) either before you start creation of the vehicle, or before you're told to fuel the vehicle. I think this would benefit players because this would give them a better understanding- also, if you warn people earlier of the importance of water, they'll know to get it and to not just ignore it. The tutorial never actually says you need to collect water- you're just expected to have it. Maybe if people knew it was fuel, they'd know to farm it as a fuel.

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