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General Feedback and Suggestions

Posted: 10 May 2019, 21:41
by Raccoonx3
Hey lovely community,

I would like to provide you with story of my play trough, some general feedback and some suggestions.


Game started, i checked the controls first and went directly into the Story-Mode. I woke up in my bed and checked all rooms on the way to second John. The way to John was boring, besides the gondola(car) i would like to see more stuff on the way. The Control-Center was the worst, not texture/lore wise but it was to simple in my regards. Getting in the controls were a pain the first time, i had no idea if im pressing the right combo at all or im totally off. After dropping the engine into the void and got done with some fixes, i stood there in the middle of the way of the gondola and did not understand what buttons to press to get further, till i checked the controls again. Since then i made it very fast trough the next tutorial steps, the rebuilding of the engine was the worst design wise but the best learning-wise, wasn't that fun. When i reached the pond with the frogs i came into a loop of control issues on my side, i build the weapon and coudn't fire it without going outside of my safe vehicle. When i fixed this issue, i couldn't close the door, btw. still can't. Pretty fast i found out, if you build a sphere, sit in it and throw it as fast as you can you can fly trough the whole map, which was fun at first but it ruined my further fun at all. Gif about it Then i started to play the Sandbox/Survival thing, which was the best part of the game.


The game idea is good, actually i wished the world would have been more like terraria.
Building the vehicle works perfect, haven't had any issues with building at all.
Tutorial is a bit complicated, i think you take to much freedom from the players. Maybe add a "Story-Mode" and a "Tutorial in Sandbox"
Mines feel bad to use, but they work.
Monster were the worst experience in my opinion, the scorpions suck the most, but they are cute.
I wouldn't recommend the game to myself(At least in the current state). But i would recommend this game to other people.

Suggestions - A-Lot - Sorry if they are already planned

Water sphere is a bad design idea, i would rather "pump" the water out of the pond with my mining gun. Maybe its just a Placeholder.
Furnaces, using copper raw is not so fun, for me at least. Also i didn't understood lore-wise why we have Zinc. I would have understood Tin but its not a big issue.
Sandbox-Tutorial, i would recommend to try to make a tutorial in the sandbox world so the player understand what controls for what, in the tiny space on the ship i was a bit overwhelmed. Afterwards you should play the Story with the tips.
Peace-Mode for Survival/Sandbox
Multi block Structures, as example the boiler. 2x2 Boiler should make a Big Boiler with more steam. Also transmission for belts would be great, no idea if thats even possible to code.

Overall Experience in 1 sentence.

Its playable and fun.

Re: General Feedback and Suggestions

Posted: 14 May 2019, 09:51
by MM_Needo
Thanks for the feedback!