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My theory for the storyline of Mechanic Miner

Post by jbox1 » 13 Sep 2018, 13:00


So here is my theory for the future storyline of Mechanic Miner: So, how it works is that flux is unstable because of time travel. But why time travel? Well, it all stems to holo-john (Henry), who was accidentally discovered in the unreleased multiplayer of Mechanic Miner. The devs confirm that the blue john is relevant to a future story point involving john leaving hologram messages to himself. The thing is, a hologram message from the protagonist to themselves only happens in two situations: They expect to loose their memory, and therefore leave some critical information in a hologram message to themselves, or they are actually from the future, and are messages to themselves. Since John arrives at the planet, knowing what he is there for and what he has to do, it is unlikely he lost his memory, so the time travel theory is much more likely. Furthermore, said time travel could be linked to the flux, which would tie a very good storyline together if you ask me.

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Re: My theory for the storyline of Mechanic Miner

Post by TheOnlyEthan » 12 Dec 2018, 21:54

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