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Logic blueprints

Posted: 21 May 2019, 22:36
by PVD
____Here is some ideas of logic gate combination that can be used in another blueprints for achieving required result. If you have investigated something new or have ideas how to improve presented blueprints, please feel free to post it here, that will be appreciated! p.s. I am not electronics expert, so names which I am using here might be not technically correct, so say if you find it misunderstanding. Headers are clickable.

Single impulse
Once signal received, 1 tick signal will be emitted.
____So, it basically converts any duration signal into signal with shortest possible duration. Generally this is used in more complex logic blueprints.

Toggle switch
Toggles output signal each time input signal is provided.
____By combining "Single impulse" with xor gate a toggle switch can be made. It might be used to switch and remember the state. E.g. to turn on/off lights via leveler, or open/close doors via pressure plates.

Short timer

Outputs 1 tick signal every N second.
____By combining "Single impulse" with two timer gates a timer with extended period can be made. By changing periods of two basic timers main timer' period can be tweaked. Time tables: 2&1 = 1.50s, 4&1 = 2.5s, 3&2 = 3s, 4&2 = 3.75s, 4&3 = 5s.

State impulse
Once signal state is changed, 1 tick signal will be emitted.
____Similar to single impulse, but also outputs 1 tick signal when there is no signal.

Impulse filter
Allows to pass by only 1 tick signals otherwise outputs no signal.
____Distinguishes 1 tick from longer signals. E.g. it can be used to make something connected with same wire, but work in different way based on signal duration.

Remote switch

Holds and switches signal via transmitter.
____An example of combination "State impulse" and "Impulse filter". Here switch can be used to remotely toggle something. The main feature is that transmitter still can be used for longer signals, e.g. to control something via leveler.

Re: Logic blueprints

Posted: 22 May 2019, 16:42
by 23jhawk
I +1 this