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Log #3: Testing by creating (part 2 of 2) (02/03/2018)

Post by MM_Needo » 02 Mar 2018, 10:38

This is part 2 of “Testing by creating”, you can read part 1 here.

Some of you might know me from either the Mechanic Miner forum or Discord channel. I’m the Community Manager at Mechanic Miner. Even though my main job is moderating and helping the community I also use a lot of time testing Mechanic Miner by creating different contraptions. Today - in this second part of a two parter personalized developers log - I’ll continue showcasing some of the contraptions I made while testing v.0.1.2.

Sawblades and spikes!
Another new thing in v.0.1.2 are the changes to sawblades and spikes which can now damage all mobs and bosses. I decided to build some new customized weapon-setups for testing. The first thing I made was a vehicle using sliders as suspenders for the wheels and sawblades attached on a two-way piston setup. My idea was to drive to the Roach, extend the pistons and grind the Roach to death. That didn’t happen:


Although 3 sawblades drains the Roaches HP really fast, it’s way too vulnerable when attached to pistons outside of the vehicle like I did. Although it might have worked if I pulled the pistons up before the Roach charged. Another thing, as you’ll see in the gif above, the game freezes - I crashed. I tried killing the Roach a few times with this vehicle, and everytime it charged me, I crashed. Turns out it was a bug that occurred when the sliders were destroyed. Well, no Roach kill, but atleast that bug were fixed.


The next two weapon-setups I created was made for killing bats and wrots.The fly trap (pictured above) were supposed to go under a wrot/bat and crush them to death with spikes - which it almost did! The damage it does to a wrot getting caught in the trap is fairly high, although it’s almost impossible to actually catch anything in the trap.


I tried a different approach, a more defensive weapon-setup that didn’t depend on the wrot being a very specific place - I created the broom-car (pictured above). The plan: Drive under the wrot, and push push push. Well, it kinda worked, but the damage was very low. I decided to try the sawblades for comparison:


Very effective, but also quite expensive to build, each sawblade is 10x iron + 10x manganese. I tried the same vehicle on the Roach, it’s pretty good - if you dodge the Roach charge that is.

Enough fooling around, it’s time to build a proper weapon! I decided to take advantage of the spikes, which output-damage can be multiplied by up to 5 depending on it’s collision speed. Using couplings and spikes, I created 3 deadly tracks and placed them around the car. Time to wreck the Roach:


Extremely effective! Time to try it on the Dweller:


Also extremely effective… maybe it’s a bit too overpowered? Or maybe it’s fair since the total cost of this vehicle is +200 iron and +100 manganese. I’ll try another spike vehicle:


This one makes killing the Roach extremely easy, and it’s much cheaper since it only has 1 track. Just turn it on and wait behind in safety (if you want), it’s bulletproof - in my opinion, way to overpowered!


Here’s me killing The Dweller with 1 spike. Just picking it up the spike and slamming it into The Dweller actually had enough speed and hit so fast that it instant killed the dweller. Way to overpowered, this has to be changed!

But we couldn’t just lower the damage since using the spikes (e.g. on the side of a vehicle) to slam into an enemy does extremely low damage and felt quite underwhelming. At the same time, adding rotation to it, would cause the spikes to do an extremely high amount of damage, which were way to overpowered. In the end Finn decided to add a small cooldown to the spikes, only allowing the to hit a certain amount in a given time. That way the damage with “rotating spikes” would be nerfed without having an effect on the “slamming spikes”.

Second round (after the changes) looked like this:


Feel free to comment in the section below. We would like to hear your thoughts!

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Re: Log #3: Testing by creating (part 2 of 2) (02/03/2018)

Post by Thinzy » 02 Mar 2018, 11:10

that is awesome! The spike tracks are such a cool idea!
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Я точно знаю, что это — ошибка.

Post by igrok_0074 » 06 Mar 2019, 21:30

Я думаю, что Вы ошибаетесь. Давайте обсудим. Пишите мне в PM, пообщаемся.

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