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air pump shutting off halfway through gas.

Post by JWoodrell » 31 May 2019, 04:58

I rigged the air pump like shown in the guide (really needs better explanation in game BTW) and was stringing out my tethers... made sure the wood and water were full on pump, but about half way in (like 5 tethers or so) the pump shutdown and i was gassed to death before i could do anything... this has happened 3 times... what am I doing wrong?

as best I can figure somehow the switch was getting turned off shutting down the engine. my solution for the 4th time that's working so far is to use a "not" logic gate to force it on all the time nomatter what

*edit* nope gassed again... ALL the tether links between each tether block are disappearing for no reason?? and that is why I'm dying

*edit edit* ok what is happening, the guide system won't work right now when you get far enough away from your stationary air pump it unloads and the tethers stop putting out air and.... dead. so here is my recommendation for people in the gas right now.

you can place an air pump in your vehicle but it needs continuous rotation, so place a secondary engine in your vehicle (it can be powered from the normal boiler) and use that one to spin the air pump. turn it on and off with a switch so its not burning extra steam when your not in gas. hope this helps people
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Re: air pump shutting off halfway through gas.

Post by 23jhawk » 31 May 2019, 22:12

The game currently has an issue where anything out of player range gets unloaded. In this case your pump gets unloaded so the tethers can't *see* the pump and therefore you get no air. Vehicle pumps are the only solution until the unloading issue is fixed.
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