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Hotfix v.0.5.2c (10.07.2019)

Post by MM_Needo » 10 Jul 2019, 15:26

We just released a hotfix with some new bug-fixes and some... old bug-fixes. Unfortunately, we realised that we made a mistake with some of the patches/hotfixes that went live during early/mid June in which we accidently introduced some of the older bugs that were already fixed. Fortunately, we already did the fixes, so in this hotfix we are reimplementing the fixes that we already made. Thus, you might see some of the same bug-fixes in this hotfix:

• Re-added the frog leaders landing sound occurring in the small cutscene in the tutorial.
• Re-added the more visible flashing effect to cable and belt appearing when the player is told to place cable or belt in the tutorial.
• There is now always the same amount of Copper and Zinc on the ceiling and floor in the Marsh Mines.
• Fixed a crash sometimes occurring when loading machines while being in and old save games.
• Fixed a crash sometimes occurring when restoring your vehicle at Hologram John
• Fixed a crash sometimes occurring some time after deconstructing a Bomb.
• Fixed a crash occurring when placing a blueprint with a foundation and a crossjoint-connection.
• Fixed a crash occurring when copying currently lifted parts.
• Fixed a crash occurring when a block failed to lift itself out of terrain after being placed while being the last one in the stack.
• Fixed a crash occurring when trying to place connectors on wheels when no background blocks are nearby.
• Fixed a bug where textures sometimes would not load.
• Fixed a bug where the Demin Interceptor did not respawn if despawned during the Discovery Quest in Story Mode.
• Fixed a bug where deleting a storage container with mob-eggs (console spawned mobs) would not return the mob-eggs to the players inventory.
• Fixed a bug where the player did not always get all the resources back in the storage container when deleting it.
• Fixed a bug where machines would despawn when entering/exiting portals
• Fixed a bug where the game could not load empty Deep Cave maps.
• Fixed a bug where players who had installed Mechanic Miner in a folder-path that contained Russian characters, would crash when converting their game from Story Mode to Survival Mode upon completing Act 1.
• Fixed the Dwellers Charge attack damage.
• Fixed the Dwellers Charge attack sound which were incorrect.
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